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Our Library has a range of useful leaflets providing you with information about a number of healthcare topics. Simply click on the blue title to download the leaflet you would like to read.

Should you wish to read up on any medical conditions, there is an excellent website with relevant up to date information: . This is the main website that the practice recommends.  Feel free to read this site and bring any queries you have to the doctor or nurses attention.

Here is a selection of the other websites we recommend: Local resource for drug and alcohol support. this gives good information on the resources available for the elderly in kingston is a good website for those who may have difficulties with consuming excess alcohol  a general website with health information —A to Z list of medical conditiosn with comprehensive summaries This guide highlights what is skin cancer, what are the symptoms and why prevention is important is a mine of information on diabetes contains lots of information as to whether you would be eligible for various benefits and supplements —general information on ability to drive after being diagnosed with various conditions. is a handy website that allows you to see whether you are entitled to any benefits—any family with an income of less than £62,000 per year should check this website— the cheapest place we’ve found in the uk for buying over the counter medications such as glucosamine etc — this is a handy site to obtain general information as to what you will need in the form of medical prevention when visiting various countries.  Please book an appointment with the practice nurse at the fairhill practice after this to obtain specific advice.  this new website gives details on patients and their families who may be eligible for extra support in the form of milk and fruit and vegetable vouchers.  Criteria for this is on the website   local charity that provides excellent bereavement care for local residents who have been recently bereaved kingston hospital is our local hospital.  The website gives general information on the hospital along with directions on how to get there etc. –this is a great link to lots of information on what is available to residents in the area.  This website gives lots of useful information for carers living in the borough  this is the local Citizens advice bureau.  The website gives lots of information on opening times etc –some history on kingston!  A self help website allowing help with symptoms of depression or anxiety —- independent summary of the issues around the MMR vaccination is one of the local private hospitals.  This website gives information on the location of the hospital and what services it provides etc.  is a voluntary association that gives assistance with sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks. is a very useful website offering self help leaflets and information on bereavement, anxiety etc. Recommended.  a one stop shop that gives information and leaflets etc on mental health issues is a private hospital based in wimbledon.  This website gives general information on accessing the hospital. is another online pharmacy that can be very cheap for antimalarials.  See St.Georges is the nearest teaching hospital based in Tooting. Patients are occasionally referred here from the practice for further assesment. is a great website for help with acne sufferers.  This site allows you to buy online a pre-payment prescription.  If you require more than one prescription per month then you are likely to be able to save money with this certificate. is the local newspaper providing general information on living in kingston.  provides excellent information on illicit drug abuse and provides sources of information on obtaining help with coming off drugs  This website is great for teenagers with lots of information on teenage health is an excellent site with self help guides and exercises that can be downloaded.

Below is a list of forms  / reports that are available  throughout our website :
























Date published: 7th November, 2014
Date last updated: 7th May, 2021