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Patient survey and results

In March 2012, the Practice completed a local survey to canvas the views of a random sample of patients.

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  • Local Patient Participation Report
  • Survey
  • Results Presentation to the PRG




Having implemented the Action Plan as detailed in the above Report, the Practice has undergone significant changes in the last 12 months. These include major refurbishments within the Kingston Hill and Fairfield branches, Customer Service training for staff and improving telecommunications. As a result the Practice was keen to see what impact these changes had made to patients.

Consequently, the PRG developed another survey – click on the link below to see a copy of the survey sent.

Again a random sample of patients were canvased, the results of which are detailed in the the Local Patient Participation Report 2013 and the PRG Results Presentation 2013.  (click on the links below to see the full details). The Practice is pleased to report patients have responded positively overall to the changes implemented.




A year on from the March 2013 Report, the Practice has worked on completing the Action Plan from the last report.

We are pleased to report the refurbishment programme at both the Kingston Hill and Fairfield branches is now complete. The Practice continues to regularly review and update appointment schedules to further improve access to GP / Nursing services. The local service commissioners (Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group – KCCG) developed a Primary Care Winter Scheme which the Practice engaged with and delivered successfully between January and March 2014.

To continue monitoring feedback from our patients, the PRG developed its annual survey in January 2014. Results of the survey are detailed in the Local Patient Participation Report 2014 and the PRG Results Presentation 2014. (to view any of these documents please click on the links below)

The report highlights our patients are generally pleased with the Practice and the services delivered. We will be implementing the Action Plan from this year’s report in the coming months.




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